Special Occasion Cakes

You will be sure to love our great tasting cake with design to match.  Like our wedding cakes, we use our Signature “Butter Cream as Smooth as Fondant.”
That means you will have a wonderful looking cake with 100x’s better taste.

Birthday & Special Occasion Cakes – Scroll down for Picture Gallery

..::It is best to call us directly for orders 317-770-9399::..

You may email us general questions(not orders) at: Heavenly_Sweets@msn.com

***Please No Orders Via Email***


Each of our decorators are individual artists and have different techniques.  Please be aware that if you order a cake you see in our gallery the final outcome may vary. (i.e. font, color, etc) Please click the images below for a larger view.

Basic Size and Serving Guide



Premium Cake Flavors
Sour Cream White
Chocolate Fudge
Butter Golden

Gourmet Cake Flavors
White Almond
Butter Almond
Red Velvet
Lemon Poppy
White Poppy

Elite Gourmet Cake Flavors
German Chocolate
Pumpkin Pie

Butter Cream Filling
Included with Cake

Premium Fillings
Swiss Apricot
Swiss Raspberry
Swiss Strawberry
Chocolate Butter Cream

Gourmet Fillings
White Chocolate Mousse
Chocolate Ganache

Elite Gourmet Fillings
Lemon Chiffon Mousse
Chocolate Mousse
German Chocolate


 Sending us other cake artists pictures

Every artist has a style and design preference.  We are more then happy to look at pictures of cakes you would like us to create but please be aware that the final outcome will differ from the picture based on technique, our product, etc. If you have a specific theme or color scheme in mind, feel free to contact us to go over details to see how we can best accommodate your requests.

Restrictions – Copyright Laws

We would love to be able to make anything you desire, but unfortunately, we can not recreate cartoon characters, logos, or any copyrighted material.   If you would like to provide us with a new packaged topper/toy and accent the rest of the cake to match, we would be more then happy to design a cake for you.  For more information on copyrights and how to still make your cake look great click here.

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