Getting NAKED at Your Wedding

Perfect Wedding Guide first started seeing couples go naked at their weddings nearly five years ago and it looks like the trend will be continuing into 2019.

Naked Wedding Cakes are still huge in their popularity!

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These simple, elegant wedding cakes seem to be remaining popular for many reasons.

A Little Bit Country

The naked cake look is just a little rustic, with sometimes only a skim coat of simple frosting you can see the color and texture of the cake and filling showing through. Almost like the distressed look popular in furniture.

It makes the look popular with couples for rustic weddings as barns and rustic outdoor wedding venues continue to grow in popularity.

But the look is versatile enough to cross over into shabby chic, boho, and vintage wedding designs as well… it’s all in the styling!

cut the cake - Perfect wedding guide - naked wedding cakes- 2019 wedding cake trends

Getting Fresh

Because the cake inside is not sealed it moist frosting, the cake can dry out fairly quickly so bakers can’t make them too far in advance. Fortunately, because of their simple design, a naked cake does not require a lot of time to assemble and decorate.

Sweet On You

Some couples are going for this look as a pushback to how some couples might see the commercial frosting, sometimes too sweet buttercream or fondant.

Because there is often just a barely a schmear of frosting on the outside naked cakes tend to be less sweet and accentuates the delicious flavors of the cake and fillings.

cut the cake - Perfect wedding guide - naked wedding cakes- 2019 wedding cake trends

So, will you get naked at your wedding?

Thanks to our Perfect Wedding Guide Orlando vendor Cut The Cake for sharing these naked wedding cakes with our readers.

Be sure to check out Perfect Wedding Guide bakers in your local area for amazing cakes for your upcoming wedding.

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How to Enjoy a Wedding Show

In the not too distant future, newly engaged couples will be attending Perfect Wedding Guide wedding showcases across the country; many for the very first time.

The experience can be amazing as you’ll get to meet some of the best wedding vendors in your local region.

But much like anything else the experience can be a bit overwhelming if you don’t do a little bit of preparation in advance.

Here are some tips to make it a little more comfortable and enjoyable for you.

Purchase Your Tickets In Advance

They might be less expensive than buying them at the door and often this tip will keep you from standing in a line.

Check with any wedding vendors you might have already spoken too. Sometimes Perfect Wedding Guide vendors have a vendor code for discounted or free tickets.

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Wedding Email

Before you go; actually before you go much farther with wedding planning, create a wedding email account. Use this for anything related to wedding planning to keep everything all in one place, and after your wedding, you won’t have to worry about emails that are no longer needed.

Create A Label

Print yourself some small labels with your name, wedding date (if you have one), venue if you have one and new email address; this will keep you from writing this information a dozen times as you fill out cards to win prizes or request additional information.

Bring A Bag

The chances are that one of the show vendors will be giving away a tote bag of some kind; but you will want to bring one of the sturdy, reusable supermarket totes to carry literature, postcards and things that vendors might be giving away.

perfect wedding guide - wedding shows - bridal shows - tips for enjoying a bridal show - wedding party - bride

It’s Not A Solo Act

It is always a good idea to bring along someone with you.

Wedding shows have become a lot more inclusive, so there are often things for guys to do.

You’ll see many vendors displaying that they are welcoming of same-sex couples to make things a little more comfortable for couples to approach them.

Not to mention you want someone with you to carry the bag with all the stuff so you can look at materials, drink champagne or register to win cool stuff.

Fashion Is Pain

Wear Comfortable Shoes! Many shows have dozens of wonderful wedding vendors, and you want to make sure you can explore everything. Being comfortable will help you to enjoy yourself.

Take A Pic

You will talk to a lot of wedding professionals, and hopefully, you’ll really click with a number of them. If you really click be sure to take a photo of their booth after you finish chatting; at the end of the day many will blur together and this way you’ll remember their name and what you saw.

perfect wedding guide - wedding shows - bridal shows - tips for enjoying a bridal show - wedding party - bride


Don’t forget the fashion show. A large number of shows feature the designs carried at local bridal salons and tuxedo shops. You can see them on live models and get an idea of what you might like as well as local shops that carry them.

And, most of the door prize drawings will be at the end of the show, and you want to make you sure you are there to win.

Most of all ENJOY yourself!

There are fantastic Perfect Wedding Guide vendors across the country who are happy to answer questions for you and assist you with making your wedding day a beautiful reflection of you.

Be sure to check out the Perfect Wedding Guide website for the most up to date list of wedding shows in your area.

–Perfect Wedding Guide, December 18th, 2018.



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