Wedding Cake Featuring Dogs

Wedding Cakes Featuring Dogs

Wedding Cakes Featuring Dogs

Need a little smile? A break? At least for us, nothing brightens our feed like pet pics! Wedding themed pet pics? Better yet!

We’re pet fans, big and small we love them all. Imagine our delight at finding this doggone awesome (!!!) collection of incorporating dogs into weddings, and even in cakes and wedding cake toppers.

In an informal survey 59% of couples would like to have their pets be part of their wedding. Having them there in ‘person’ may not always be possible but there are other ways that they can play a part in their peoples day! Thanks to Top13 Pawsome Animal Stories! Bet you have some great ideas! We can’t wait to see your fur baby cake tribute!!

Enjoy the eye candy (bet it also makes you hungry!)

Which one of the images below is your favorite?


“Gil and Luna, as most couples, absolutely adore their pups and wish to incorporate them in all the things they do. Their big day is no different, but how can you include them elegantly?

Creating wedding dog photos is the simple option, have them well groomed and take some nice pictures. But Gil and Luna went for a project way more creative than that. Their two dogs Einstein and Chimney were permanently immortalized on the topper for the couple’s beautiful wedding cake, and they are simply too adorable!

It so happens there is a growing trend for this type of idea, since a great number of people attempt to doggify their wedding day. There are a great number of choices for people who wish to incorporate their beloved dogs in their wedding, like ring bearing collars and pup styled cakes and toppers.

Scroll down and check the creative solutions below!


Image credits: Into the story


Image credits: Into the story


Image credits: Into the story


Image credits: Into the story

It Turns Out There Is A Growing Trend For This Type Of Idea, Since A Great Number Of People Attempt To Doggify Their Wedding Day.


Image credits: finaltouchcakes


Image credits: Figlewicz Photography


Image credits: Figlewicz Photography


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Image credits: Fete Photography


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Perfect Wedding Guide | March 13th, 2020
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Wedding Cakes Featuring Dogs

Iconic Wedding Cakes For The Ages

Iconic Wedding Cakes For The Ages

Iconic Wedding Cakes for the Ages

As Spring wedding season is just around the corner, I have cake on my brain! We share with you 12 Iconic Wedding Cakes in case cake is on your brain too! 2 are our favorites to round out the list to 12 Iconic Wedding Cakes! If you’re suffering from wedding cake sticker shock you’ll appreciate Elvis and Priscilla’s cake which to create today would cost over $23,000!  I had to chuckle at the wedding photo of George Harrison and Patti Boyd, supermodels do NOT get married like this today do they???

David Bowie & Iman

Iman’s Herve Leger  gown and Bowie’s Thierry Mugler tux were almost secondary to their cake don’t you think?

Jackie Bouvier and John F. Kennedy

Photo by Bettmann / Getty

When John F. Kennedy was only a senator, he and Jacqueline Bouvier brought that Camelot style to their wedding. The cake at the time was quite the thing with it’s five layers. Today it seems much less grand!

Zoe Kravitz & Karl Glusman

Zoe Kravitz/Instagram

Zoe + Karl married in 2019 at her father Lenny Kravitz’s 18th century Parisian mansion. Even if low key by Hollywood standards, the event was still filled with stars— and multiple cakes!

Elizabeth Taylor & Conrad Hilton

In 1950 Elizabeth Taylor got married for the first time to Conrad Hilton Jr. (She ended up marrying eight times to seven different men!) In this highlight of social hoopla the cake made a splash!

Photo by Bettmann / Getty

Priscilla Ann Beaulieu & Elvis Presley

Photo by Bettmann / Getty

Priscilla and Elvis said I do on a quiet simple style (for the King of rock and roll). But the cake was fit for royalty! That cake, if made today would clock in at about twenty thousand dollars! And you thought your cake was expensive!

Carrie Underwood & Mike Fischer

American Idol Winner and Superstar Carrie Underwood married Nashville Predator hockey star Mike Fisher in 2010 in the style you’d expect. Over the top yet unique, and very beautiful. Check out her cake! It takes a cupcake tower to a new level!

Mia Farrow & Frank Sinatra

Mia married Frank in 1996, true Las Vegas style no doubt! It seems almost ‘homey’ with that pale blue icing saying best wishes!

Photo by Bettmann / Getty

Pattie Boyd & George Harrison

Pattie Boyd and George Harrison met while filming the classic Beatles movie “A Hard Day’s Night“. The model and the Beatles’ lead guitarist later married in a quick seven-minute ceremony followed by a reception thrown at Harrison’s home. The humble cake fit in perfectly.

Photo by Bettmann / Getty

Kobe & Vanessa Bryant

Kobe and Vanessa’s cake was, of course Lakers themed. From their 2001 wedding to a heartbreaking end, we mourn with the world.

Princess Elizabeth & Prince Phillip

For fans of The Crown, let’s toss in this stunner from Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip. Standing at 9 feet tall, this cake is likely bigger than the one at most weddings!

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia DeRossi

We loved everything about Ellen & Portia’s wedding and the classic and elegant details hold true today. Their cake is so beautiful, don’t you think?

Enjoy the blog…………… and let them eat cake!!

Are you hungry for cake now too? We can’t wait to see your cake, —there is no doubt we want to sneak a piece!


Perfect Wedding Guide | February 19th, 2020
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Iconic Wedding Cakes for the Ages

Fall-Inspired Wedding Cakes

It Should Be a Piece of Cake

Deciding on your wedding cake and the right cake artist should be a piece of cake.

Looks good- CHECK, Tastes good- CHECK!!

But recently Head over Heels heard from Jeanine Lynch who owns and operates It Takes The Cake in Lawrenceville, Georgia in our Perfect Wedding Guide Atlanta market. She says a lot more goes into picking the right cake and ensuring a great experience.

They are a Georgia licensed and insured Cottage Bakery. They take much fewer orders than store-front cakeries so that they can give each bride a hands-on, totally involved, and personal experience.

Perfect Wedding Guide - Perfect Wedding Guide Atlanta - It Takes The Cake - Atlanta wedding cakes - gold and white wedding cake

“I love the process of getting to talk with the bride to seek out her personality. It helps me know how to help her tell me what she wants, and how to give her, her dream cake.” Said, Jeanine.

“After chatting for a bit to get a feel for the bride’s vision for her wedding, the first thing we talk about (besides the date), is the number of servings she will need. Usually, brides want a little guidance in this area. So of course, I always ask how many people they invited.” There are some people who will not attend and a few people that won’t eat cake. “But- NOT TOO MANY!”

“After our initial talk, we always send the bride an email with the pricing break-down, so she can understand how we get to the end-price. I think there is a lot of mystery in wedding cake pricing, and we try really hard to be transparent.”

All cakes are NOT equal.

“If you have fondant covering you will typically pay more, the same is true if you have a lot of details. If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive classy cake, buttercream iced with a little movement in the buttercream finish is the way to go!”

Another important thing to know is how big a serving is. It Takes The Cake says: “Our serving size is 1” wide, by 2” long, by about 5” tall.

Also, you want to sure the email or contract contains a detail of all of the flavors, decorations, and details so you are sure that you both understand each other.

One other area that sets her apart is the way they deliver the cake. “When we deliver a cake, we always bring the tiers in separate boxes and put the cake together on its cake table. We feel this gives you the VERY BEST outcome that can happen in the cake-stacking world.”

Thanks, Jeannie for sharing this beautiful cake and some of your wedding cake expertise!

Perfect Wedding Guide | July 5, 2018
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Over the last few years, couples have moved away from ‘traditional wedding cakes.”

“Traditional” wedding cakes, in modern times, have been white wedding cakes. We’ve seen cupcake wedding cakes, macaron wedding cakes, and even doughnut wedding cakes.

But the biggest step away from the traditional has probably been the infusion of color!

wedding cakes - colorful wedding cakes

From adding colorful bands, piping and edible details to ombre, to colored buttercream and fondant.

purple wedding cake - fondant wedding cake - wedding cake with lace piping - wedding cake with edible decorations

But, in the last few years, we’ve seen a huge influx of black wedding cakes. Yes, black cakes, not chocolate or cakes with black piping or details. Black wedding cakes.

back wedding cake - black buttercream wedding cake - square black wedding cake

So, would you or wouldn’t you? Tell us your thoughts on black wedding cakes.

Perfect Wedding Guide | May 22, 2019
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The Great Wedding Cake Debate: Buttercream vs. Fondant

Choosing wedding cake is a lot of fun, and it’s also an amusing task for a wedding planner. We learn quickly how much — or how little — our brides and grooms actually know about the wedding cake.

The most common covering for cakes is either fondant or buttercream. The type of icing you choose to cover your confectionary masterpiece with is a personal decision but there are pros and cons with either choice. You simply have to consider the style of the finished cake.

For more expert advice, we asked our resident expert, Sharon Haller, owner and operator of Cut the Cake in Central Florida.

Buttercream icing can be applied in rustic swirls or smoothed to a perfect finish depending on the preference of the designer. Fondant is usually elegantly smooth and is also very versatile for textured designs.There are countless tools to roll pretty patterns onto the surface of this sugar dough.

Most cake decorators find it is easier to fix texture and finish errors when working with buttercream because fondant often has to be redone completely depending on the flaw. This can cost considerable money for a beginner because fondant is quite expensive to make from scratch or purchase premade.





What is Buttercream?

Buttercream is by far the most common cake covering and it has many variations. Some are teeth-achingly sweet and thick while others are quite complicated with rich flavors and texture like rich whipped cream.

  • Basic Buttercream:This is the sweet icing that is usually found on kids’ cakes and the easiest to make with very few ingredients. It is simply a blend of butter or shortening, confectioner’s sugar and flavoring. This icing can be tinted any color and piped into nicely defined designs. A cake iced with basic buttercream can be stored either in the fridge or at room temperature for a day with no issues. If the filling is perishable or delicate such as a mousse, then take care not to keep this type of cake unrefrigerated in warm weather.
  • Meringue Buttercream:This is a lovely icing which is not too sweet and takes a bit of practice to perfect. It requires beaten egg whites and sugar boiled to a soft ball stage to create the smooth stable texture. Meringue buttercream can be flavored and colored slightly less bright hues than basic buttercream. This icing should be stored in the fridge but care must be taken that there is no unpleasant or strong odors in the fridge. The icing will pick up that flavor and taste less delicious as a result. The cake should be brought back to room temperature when serving because the icing can be very hard when cold. The icing and decorations made from meringue buttercream will melt or slip if left out during a hot humid day so choose a different option for those pretty summer weddings outdoors!

What is Fondant?

Fondant is a play dough like sugar paste that can be rolled out and draped over a simple or sculpted cake. It is usually kneaded until very silky and pliable and can be used to create a smooth seamless finish on cakes in any color. This cake covering is very popular with some decorators because it can be colored any hue, favored and shaped into a dizzying assortment of decorations, figures, flowers, ruffles and other design elements.

Fondant cakes can be put in the fridge and will remain fresh for days which is a positive characteristic especially if the event is during the summer. A cake can be covered, finished with simple borders, set aside until the big day of the event and then decorated on site. Fondant cakes need to be brought to room temperature before serving and care needs to be taken not to touch the cake while it warms. It can become sticky and fingerprint prone! One of the reasons fondant is avoided by decorators is that it has a very sweet taste and funny gummy texture that some people find very unpleasant.

Best of Both Coverings

If you truly love the pristine surface of a fondant covered cake then do not worry about guests who hate the taste or texture. Buttercream needs to be applied under the fondant layer or the draped covering will not stick to the cake.

The buttercream is also iced on thickly to cover bumpy layers and flaws in the surface of the cake so the fondant lays flat and smooth. Anyone who likes fondant can eat it along with the rest of the layers and those who dislike fondant can simply peel it off. So, the cake covering is a personal choice of the decorator who knows what will enhance the design and occasion.

What kind of cake did you choose for your perfect wedding day?


Perfect Wedding Guide | APRIL 11, 2018
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Will You Eat or Freeze Your Wedding Cake Topper?

For years and years, newly married couples froze the top tier of their wedding cake.

The history behind this has two stories.

The first was that couples would eat the cake on their first-anniversary to bring back the joyful moments of their wedding day.

The second was that couples ate the top of their wedding cake at their first born child’s christening party. Back when this originated most couples were having their first baby within the first year of marriage.

how to freeze your wedding cake - will you eat or freeze your wedding cake - wedding cake - saving your cake for your first wedding anniversary

Regardless of which you chose, chances were that you might be eating a dry, hard wedding cake. So many people dreaded this and just opted to cut and serve the top tier at their wedding.

We also started seeing bakers who provided a complimentary top tier to couples on their first anniversary.

Here is a great tip for how to wrap and freeze your wedding cake from a Head Over Heels blog post from a few years back.

Even better still, cut your wedding cake into 12 pieces, lay them on a sheet tray and quick freeze them, wrap them individually in plastic film and then into a zip top bag.

This keeps the slices much fresher than if you froze the cake whole and you can enjoy one slice each month during your first year of marriage.

Will you be freezing your cake or eating it?

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9 Pretty Wedding Cake Toppers You Can Buy Right Now

By Blair Donovan| BRIDES MAGAZINE | August 22, 2018

Ahh, cake—the one component (if not the best) of the tiresome wedding planning process that gives you an excuse to indulge your inner sweet tooth. After you’ve made your final flavor decisions and left your pink champagne dessert or buttercream confection (or something of that nature…) in the hands of the baking pros, the challenge then falls on you and your partner to find the perfect cake topper for the ultimate photo-worthy finishing touch. Although hunting for this decorative detail is nowhere near as sweet (sadly no tasting this time around), a wedding cake topper will make your wedding cake feel all the more personalized and glamorous. And, not to worry, a cake accessory certainly won’t detract from the dessert’s design, whether it be ombré icing or a naked number.

We rounded up 9 wedding-worthy cake toppers fit to match any reception style. For the minimal couple, it’s easy to keep it simple with a copper wire topper in the shape of your initials. Not to mention, there’s no shortage of customizable cake accessories to cater to you and your S.O. If you prefer a dash of whimsy, you’ll love the multicolored “Love” additive. Or, add just the right amount of glamour to an otherwise simple cake with a gold metallic peony configuration. Forget the cherry on top—these gorgeous cake additives will take your confection to the next level, minus the “pretty please.”

##Arrow & Initials Cake Topper

SHOP NOW: [Le Rustic Chic]({: rel=nofollow}, starting at $19.99

Courtesy of Le Rustic Chic

Arrow & Initials Cake Topper

SHOP NOW: Le Rustic Chic, starting at $19.99

##Personalized Ceramic Modern Wedding Cake Topper

SHOP NOW: [Susabellas]({: rel=nofollow}, $28.99

Courtesy of Susabellas

Personalized Ceramic Modern Wedding Cake Topper

SHOP NOW: Susabellas, $28.99

##Eucalyptus Cake Topper

SHOP NOW: [Which Goose,]({: rel=nofollow} starting at $38

Courtesy of Which Goose

Eucalyptus Cake Topper

SHOP NOW: Which Goose, starting at $38

##Couples Name Wedding Topper

SHOP NOW: [All Her Glory]({: rel=nofollow}, starting at $17

Courtesy of All Her Glory

Couples Name Wedding Topper

SHOP NOW: All Her Glory, starting at $17

##Last Name Cake Topper

SHOP NOW: [Shop Bash and Co.]({: rel=nofollow}, starting at $18.07

Courtesy of Shop Bash and Co.

Last Name Cake Topper

SHOP NOW: Shop Bash and Co., starting at $18.07

##Extra-Large Peony Wedding Cake Topper

SHOP NOW: [Stylish Cake Decor]({: rel=nofollow}, $65

Courtesy of Stylish Cake Decor

Extra-Large Peony Wedding Cake Topper

SHOP NOW: Stylish Cake Decor, $65

##Geometric Wedding Cake Topper

SHOP NOW: [Z Create Design]({: rel=nofollow}, $45

Photo by Dyanna LaMora

Geometric Wedding Cake Topper

SHOP NOW: Z Create Design, $45

##Geometric Heart Wedding Cake Topper

SHOP NOW: [Shop Bash and Co.]({: rel=nofollow}, starting at $15.79

Courtesy of Shop Bash and Co.

Geometric Heart Wedding Cake Topper

SHOP NOW: Shop Bash and Co., starting at $15.79

Why Are Custom Wedding Cakes So Expensive?!

Why on earth are wedding cakes so expensive?  Well, they don’t have to be.

You can get an inexpensive wedding cake, but you’re probably getting one made with different ingredients than a custom wedding cake.  The cost basis for commercial production-line pre-frozen cakes and custom cakes, the latter of which is made fresh from scratch and with high-quality ingredients, is completely different.

To have a custom-crafted wedding cake that’s a work of art, couples in the New York metro area pay from around $7 a slice to, well, the sky’s the limit, depending on the degree of the custom work desired, and any specialty ingredients.

Whatever for?   Well, a lot goes into a custom wedding cake that doesn’t go into the usual cake.

For starters, there’s artistry and experience. For me, there’s my specialization in gum paste flower art, learned from the master in the industry who has taught every high-profile cake artist in business today. There’s elegant craftsmanship.  Then, there should also be a very personal level of service.

With a custom cake designer, you should be getting the best ingredients from around the world. If they limit the number of bookings they accept in order to bake everything fresh, their cake will never, ever be baked ahead and frozen. The disadvantage of baking ahead and freezing is that a cake can arrive dried out and frozen to an event, basically inedible.

Your custom designer should be using genuine buttercream as well – which, by the way, is never snow-white.  (Crisco is snow white.  Butter is pale yellow, and genuine buttercream is ivory, after all the sugar is added to the butter.)  Even if you choose a fondant cake (its taste pales in comparison to genuine buttercream, but it does photograph nicely and is a food safely necessity outdoors in high heat and humidity), there should be genuine buttercream or marzipan and jam beneath it, adhering it to your wedding cake.

Because of the seemingly endless hours of work that go into it, a custom cake designer can’t really be adequately compensated for exceptionally abundant gum paste work on a wedding cake. For example, sculpting and hand-coloring a single peony takes me four hours of labor from start to finish, and three to four days of drying time (depending on the humidity level); a rose (another popular choice for wedding cake gum paste flowers) requires three hours of labor from the time the first petal is sculpted to the time your brush leaves the last rose leaf and all of the petal dust and luster dust colors are applied.   Multiply that quantity, and expect to hear a high price per slice quoted, as it’s impossible to charge the complete hourly rate for what will go into that cake.  These prices can go as high as $20 (and far more) per slice for lush gum paste arrangements, as well as for specialty items such as edible pure gold leaf, or a wedding cake covered in fresh hand-rolled chocolate truffles.

Another substantial factor in cake design pricing that clients often don’t have any reason to have advance knowledge of is the labor involved in any given cake project.  For example, if you have your heart set on a football stadium groom’s cake with bleachers, artwork in the end zones, full detail on the field, and custom chocolate goal posts,  that’s something that entails several days of work.  Your expert designer is happy to create involved cakes for you, but expect to compensate them for their time, and that expertise you were looking for.  (This, by the way, may include compensating them for the other business they must turn away if they do everything fresh, and therefore must work on a fairly exclusive booking basis.  For instance, we accept only two major bookings per day, which means we have to carefully consider what jobs we accept in relation to what’s already booked.)

If you come in with a concept and find that it is far more labor-intensive (and therefore costly) than you ever dreamed, don’t be afraid to ask if there are ways that the design can be simplified to bring the cost down.  There’s usually something that can be done toward that end to try and accommodate you.  Part of your designer’s expertise also lies in being able to explain whether a concept that a client comes in with is realistic.  So, don’t get too attached to an involved concept until you hear whether it’s physically do-able, and whether it fits within your budget as well.

The cake designer you choose should treat you with the utmost professionalism and respect, and that should be a two-way street.  If you’ve purposely sought out a custom cake artist, asking them “if there’s any wiggle room in the price” is not suggested, when they’ve just explained that you’ve asked for a cake that will take several days of their time to craft.  Again, most of us delight in taking on involved projects that people with less training and experience can’t properly execute.  But if you’ve gone to an expert for a reason, you should expect to compensate them properly, or have them simplify the design to make the cost more manageable if you find yourself reeling from sticker shock.  (After all, budget is reality.  We understand that.)  To make sure that working with a particular expert is within your budget, you can always inquire as to their base level pricing before you schedule a consultation and tasting.

Working with a custom cake designer is for those who are seeking the experience of dealing with a true professional, and a trained artist – someone who wants a wedding cake that’s out of the ordinary, and who wants to feel fantastic about the process from forming the design concept, to feeding each other that first bite of cake in your first act as a married couple.   Likewise, professional cake designer delights in choosing clients who are a pleasure to work with, and who energize them in the collaborative creative process.  Their aim is to make your experience something so amazing that you want nothing more than to share it with everyone you know!

Couples definitely get a great deal of value for the price when they work with an expert cake designer.

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Getting NAKED at Your Wedding

Perfect Wedding Guide first started seeing couples go naked at their weddings nearly five years ago and it looks like the trend will be continuing into 2019.

Naked Wedding Cakes are still huge in their popularity!

cut the cake - Perfect wedding guide - naked wedding cakes- 2019 wedding cake trends - orlando prefetching wedding guide

These simple, elegant wedding cakes seem to be remaining popular for many reasons.

A Little Bit Country

The naked cake look is just a little rustic, with sometimes only a skim coat of simple frosting you can see the color and texture of the cake and filling showing through. Almost like the distressed look popular in furniture.

It makes the look popular with couples for rustic weddings as barns and rustic outdoor wedding venues continue to grow in popularity.

But the look is versatile enough to cross over into shabby chic, boho, and vintage wedding designs as well… it’s all in the styling!

cut the cake - Perfect wedding guide - naked wedding cakes- 2019 wedding cake trends

Getting Fresh

Because the cake inside is not sealed it moist frosting, the cake can dry out fairly quickly so bakers can’t make them too far in advance. Fortunately, because of their simple design, a naked cake does not require a lot of time to assemble and decorate.

Sweet On You

Some couples are going for this look as a pushback to how some couples might see the commercial frosting, sometimes too sweet buttercream or fondant.

Because there is often just a barely a schmear of frosting on the outside naked cakes tend to be less sweet and accentuates the delicious flavors of the cake and fillings.

cut the cake - Perfect wedding guide - naked wedding cakes- 2019 wedding cake trends

So, will you get naked at your wedding?

Thanks to our Perfect Wedding Guide Orlando vendor Cut The Cake for sharing these naked wedding cakes with our readers.

Be sure to check out Perfect Wedding Guide bakers in your local area for amazing cakes for your upcoming wedding.

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