It Should Be a Piece of Cake

Deciding on your wedding cake and the right cake artist should be a piece of cake.

Looks good- CHECK, Tastes good- CHECK!!

But recently Head over Heels heard from Jeanine Lynch who owns and operates It Takes The Cake in Lawrenceville, Georgia in our Perfect Wedding Guide Atlanta market. She says a lot more goes into picking the right cake and ensuring a great experience.

They are a Georgia licensed and insured Cottage Bakery. They take much fewer orders than store-front cakeries so that they can give each bride a hands-on, totally involved, and personal experience.

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“I love the process of getting to talk with the bride to seek out her personality. It helps me know how to help her tell me what she wants, and how to give her, her dream cake.” Said, Jeanine.

“After chatting for a bit to get a feel for the bride’s vision for her wedding, the first thing we talk about (besides the date), is the number of servings she will need. Usually, brides want a little guidance in this area. So of course, I always ask how many people they invited.” There are some people who will not attend and a few people that won’t eat cake. “But- NOT TOO MANY!”

“After our initial talk, we always send the bride an email with the pricing break-down, so she can understand how we get to the end-price. I think there is a lot of mystery in wedding cake pricing, and we try really hard to be transparent.”

All cakes are NOT equal.

“If you have fondant covering you will typically pay more, the same is true if you have a lot of details. If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive classy cake, buttercream iced with a little movement in the buttercream finish is the way to go!”

Another important thing to know is how big a serving is. It Takes The Cake says: “Our serving size is 1” wide, by 2” long, by about 5” tall.

Also, you want to sure the email or contract contains a detail of all of the flavors, decorations, and details so you are sure that you both understand each other.

One other area that sets her apart is the way they deliver the cake. “When we deliver a cake, we always bring the tiers in separate boxes and put the cake together on its cake table. We feel this gives you the VERY BEST outcome that can happen in the cake-stacking world.”

Thanks, Jeannie for sharing this beautiful cake and some of your wedding cake expertise!

Perfect Wedding Guide | July 5, 2018
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