Will You Eat or Freeze Your Wedding Cake Topper?

For years and years, newly married couples froze the top tier of their wedding cake.

The history behind this has two stories.

The first was that couples would eat the cake on their first-anniversary to bring back the joyful moments of their wedding day.

The second was that couples ate the top of their wedding cake at their first born child’s christening party. Back when this originated most couples were having their first baby within the first year of marriage.

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Regardless of which you chose, chances were that you might be eating a dry, hard wedding cake. So many people dreaded this and just opted to cut and serve the top tier at their wedding.

We also started seeing bakers who provided a complimentary top tier to couples on their first anniversary.

Here is a great tip for how to wrap and freeze your wedding cake from a Head Over Heels blog post from a few years back.

Even better still, cut your wedding cake into 12 pieces, lay them on a sheet tray and quick freeze them, wrap them individually in plastic film and then into a zip top bag.

This keeps the slices much fresher than if you froze the cake whole and you can enjoy one slice each month during your first year of marriage.

Will you be freezing your cake or eating it?

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